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Peloponnese Itienerary

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We are planning a trip to Greece next June for my youngest step-daughters graduation present. It will be my wife, myself and two daughters (18 and 20). We have 10 or 11 nights on the ground and she doesn't think she wants to visit an island, and would prefer not to switch lodging locations more than once or twice, save for a return trip for one night in Athens prior to flight home. When we have asked her what she wants to do with her time in Greece, she has focused on history and the food....

After a lot of reading, it seems like 3 days in Athens is adequate and after that, the Peloponnese Peninsula probably best suits her interests. Would you say that is accurate?

If that is where you would focus, how would you allocate the remaining days?

One thought was after the three days in Athens, just spend the rest of the trip in Navplion, and plan to make some day trips to sights.

Another thought was to spend a night at Delphi on our way down to spend the rest of the trip at Navplion.

One thought was to split the remaining days between Navplion and another location. If we did this, where would you recommend?

If we just stayed in Navplion, is a day trip to Mystras worth it, or is that too far?

Thanks for whatever advice you can give!


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