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Trip Report Opera Kings to Europe-Ongoing Report

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I've tried doing these "ongoing" things before and for a variety of reasons I always failed to complete them: internet issues were usually the biggest reasons.

I will do it once more and endeavor to actually complete one this time.

Perhaps this should be called a "blog." If it's any good it should be as if somebody stole your diary key and read your entries while you weren't looking. Regardless, some will care, others won't, and that's OK.

The trip: two weeks (last year it was three) and conceived in September 2013 when I bought the airfare tickets; some of the opera tickets went on-sale soon afterward. A total of six performances.

The itinerary: flying to Amsterdam tonight from our home in Fort Lauderdale through Philadelphia. Will stay in A-dam for only one night in order to visit the finally reopened Rijksmuseum. We've been periodically during the "renovation-oops we discovered asbestos-so-it-will-take-even-longer" period but happy to see the place fully re-opened.

Paris for three nights (one opera performance at the Bastille)

Munich for five nights (three performances). Would we have done this had we known the opera house in Munich is not air-conditioned? July? Munich? humidity????? Well, Bayreuth isn't air conditioned, either so how bad can this be? I'll let you know next week.

Verona. This will be our third time in the Arena and we saw several really interesting performances last July which we enjoyed. Three more this year and we really need to see more of the city itself this time around.

Rome. Just two nights and no operas; will be our jumping off point for home.

Hotels: as usual I have bounced around in some cities (A-dam/Paris/Munich) all of which we have been to before; stayed put in Verona (we really do know the hotel now) and trying something new in Rome (Albergo del Senato). I know ALL the hotels in Paris now for certain if only having looked at them on-line (is there any hotel anywhere that everybody likes? Oh, really, but surely all those reviews on TA about that one must be fake, right?

The Kings: we refuse to be known as "opera queens" for a variety of reasons. We do not know all the details of Maria Callas' (or Eva Marton's for that matter) or Domingo's, etc.'etc., etc. lives. We do not refer to anyone as "La Divina" and we do not relate much to anyone currently on TV. Well, I have to say I kinda did relate to a couple of the inmates on The Wire once.

We are, as one poster here so delicately put it: "elderly" which means one of us has reached the age of 70 with the other a bit further along. No walker or canes yet but I do hate Arthritis.

After getting the luggage out of the store room more than two weeks ago we finally finished packing...last night. Too many clothes and for an itinerary stretching from the 60's in A-dam to the 80"s (or more) in Italy. But after many, many trips to Europe I am taking and wearing shorts and Pumas this year and to hell with it!

Why is my partner's boarding pass not showing TSA Pre-Check yet he is a Trusted Traveler and the airline knows this? Upcoming potential battle at the check-in counter I am hoping will not occur.

Dog sitter flew in last night. Credit card travel alerts posted. New chip and pin card in-hand. Saved Euros from last trip at the ready. I'm gonna hunker down and watch Wimbledon on ESPN now and hope you all have an absolutely wonderful day and will check in later.

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