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One week in Europe - where to go??

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My wife and I have never been to Europe, but are planning a trip in the spring of 2012 (April or May). We have small children at home, and can only go for one week.

We have dreamed of visiting Switzerland and Holland, but would like some advice and recommendations.

1. Is there enough to do in Holland/Amsterdam for a week? We would try coordinate timing with the tulip festival, but what else would you recommend?

2. Would visiting Belgium during that week make sense?

3. If we chose Switzerland, is it feasible to take the train to Venice for a day or two, or is that pushing it?

4. If feasible, would you recommend an overnight to save time, or take a day train to enjoy the scenery and sites?

5. Finally, what city would you recommend we use as our base? Which has the most "European" feel, as apposed to a metropolis city, but still centrally located?

I'm sure there a thousand possibilities, but we are just looking for a little "professional" direction! Thank you.

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