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OK, you London experts - put your thinking caps on.

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Hi, I'm doing a lightening trip to London between Christmas and New Years. Arrive late morning Boxing Day and fly home New Years Day. Dec 26-30 are all totally booked up/chockablock.

Now for NYE . . . I have no plans except a dash over to Borough Market to pick up yummy stuff for dinner - they open at 10AM and I want to get there before it gets too crazy. Back to the flat to dump things and then I have nothing planned till dinner and watching the fireworks from my balcony, then packing.

I've been wracking my brain for what to do for a few hours New Years Eve afternoon. Don't want to ice ice skate. I know the London Bridge Christmas Market and the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park will still be running but I might be 'Christmased-out' by then. None of the Thurs. afternoon London Walks really work. And what time do they close off the fireworks ticket zone - its a large area through central London and that may complicate getting around. Don't need a posh meal or a big view -- will have done several by then. Any ideas for something different?


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