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Trip Report October in Paris was spectacular

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After much stress on this end we needed a European vacation that was comfortable & easy----that says Paris for us.

We've been many times in Sept. but not in Oct. and we were concerned about the weather. No concern needed. Yes, weather is unpredictable and this time we really lucked out. Cool in the morning but by noonish sunny and high 60's and not too cold at night and no rain...perfect!

Booking last minute was a challange. We had to change the dates several times as no direct flights were available from Chicago. We finally booked on United....Yikes, after reading bad reviews we expected the worst but had a very pleasant experience. Actually it was one of our better flights.

Apartments were also a challange last minute. All we could find was junk, nice but 4th floor walk up, not an area we wanted, and too expensive. So we opted to spend a little more for a shorter time. Also, we usually take the RER/metro form CDG into Paris but this time we booked a taxi through the apt. service. Good move. A bit more expensive but as we arrived at 9:30am would the apt. be ready? Excellent car, driver & service, worth every penny for the stress-free arrival. had a lovely 1 bdrm on Ile St. Louis (our favorite location) overlooking Notre Dame and The Seine. Best decision we ever made....absolutely fantastic. 3rd(4th) floor with elevator, very French in design, This place was so comfortable, actually an apt. we could live in--------sell the house and let's stay for a year, haha! So comfortable just sitting & watching the boats go by, photo shoots on the quay, street music wafting up through the open floor to ceiling windows.....DH went to the bakery in the morning while I made coffee and we enjoyed the surroundings. Also coming in around 5pm, listening to music, having a glass of wine and relaxing until going out for dinner at 8pm was the best.

OK, enough about the apt.-----on to Paris itself!

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