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  1. 1 Itinerary help needed: 10-11 days in Calabria, Siciily, and (maybe) Puglia
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Need to fill 7-9 days in Europe

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Hello there!

I have never been to Europe but have always really wanted to and will finally have an opportunity this summer. My wife and I will be spending a week at a resort in Sicily the first week of July and are hoping to get to spend a week prior to that somewhere else in Europe.

We have no real preference at this point beyond just wanting to enjoy our time. We love to experience different cultures and are also interested in history and/or nature (not real into art/architecture).

My initial thought is to either focus in and around one of the following areas.... London, Barcelona, Paris or possibly Amsterdam or Munich. These are cheaper to fly into for us....

We are definitely on a budget and have no issue visiting smaller areas and staying in small inns/hostiles etc.

I would really appreciate any suggestions for places/areas/regions to visit as well as any other tips or tricks. Thanks for your time.

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