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Multiple tours in Europe

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Hi! I'm a first time solo/international traveller. I'm 22 years old and am wondering how best to go on multiple tours in Europe. In that time I'd like to travel all over Europe, but also have a hearth to return to such that I'm not on the road 24/7. To accomplish this I was thinking of getting an apartment in Spain to return to in between guided tours. I have 3 years of Spanish under my belt and figure it would make the most sense to call Spain my temporary home. Has anyone done something similar? What advice do you have?

Some more info about me:
-As I am open to going on multiple tours, I would like to try tours that focus on one country for multiple weeks as well as many countries over multiple weeks.
-I'd prefer travelling in a smaller group.
-I want to see both countryside and cities.
-I'd prefer staying in hotels in the middle of town but also would like to stay on the outskirts of town as well.
-I'd prefer a room of my own or no more than one other person
-I don't need to stay in the nicest of places but I am okay with spending a little more for acommodations.
-I can carry my own bags
-I would prefer a guide to tell everything about what I'm seeing
-I want to be on moderately active tours
-I want to experience the clubs/party nightlife scene
-I'd like travel with people of a similar age (18-30)
-My budget is ~20-30k
-I wouldn't say I have a particularly special interest, but going out of my way (hiking, biking, etc.) to see awesome places appeals to me.
-I like to take my time on interesting parts of museums, but wizz through things that don't interest me.
-I'd like to travel for 3-6 months
-I would also be open to tours that actually last 3-6 months themselves, but I have not found any such thing.

Is what I'm trying to do feasible? Are there any travel companies that might be better suited to accomodate this type of travel? What are your thoughts?

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