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May in Spain, pls comment on itinerary

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Hi All,

My DH and I are going to Spain in May! We are young, active 50's who like art, churches, food, wine, some relaxing and are open to small adventures. Here is the very tentative itinerary:

Day 1: Fly from US to Madrid
train to Barcelona
Days 2-5- Barcelona with some side trips. Dali museum is a possibility. I've found two likely places to stay, haven't chosen.
Days 6-9 Train back to Madrid, touring Madrid. Found some likely Airbnb places I'll chose from.
Days 10-13 Train to Seville, tour Seville, rent Fiat 500 and drive to Granada and Rhonda. Staying at least one night in a parador where we will relax.
Days 14-15 Return car in Seville, fly from there or train to Madrid to fly back home.

We generally like to have one big thing a day, then enjoy the cafe culture and exploring back streets, quaint shops, etc. We hate to rush and have the relaxing part of vacationing removed. Metro and local buses don't bother us at all. We'll eat anywhere from street meat to nice restaurants. I understand we'll see some touristy stuff, but we also enjoy finding small, local treasures. DH has rudimentary Spanish, but traveling and asking questions doesn't bother us.

I'd love some feedback on this flexible schedule and some places you've particularly enjoyed especially if you feel your travel style is similar to ours!

Thanks in advance,

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