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March 2012 Europe Advice

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hoping to get some advice for a March 2012 Europe trip. My boyfriend and I went to go in mid March for 2 weeks.

We plan to fly into Amsterdam. They have the direct flights from Vancouver, so usually we can find a good deal. We've been to Amsterdam a lot and have friends there so it's nice to start our journey there.

We've been to:

Belgium (Brugge, Brussels, Antwerp)
Czech Republic (Prague, Pilsen, Kutna Hora)
Germany (Cologne, Berlin)
Netherlands (amsterdam, maastrict, utrecht, haarlem, rotterdam...)

Since it will be in mid March, can anyone recommend new places for us to go to?

We are in our early 30s and like:

Museums, Shopping, Dining, Walking...

I was thinking Italy but if we started in Amsterdam first, should we get a flight to Rome? Then from there I'm not sure where to go. I always imagine Italy being a country that you really should dedicate a good chunk of time to.

Also since it will be mid March the weather will be a bit cooler.

Paris is our favorite place to go there. But it would be nice to go somewhere we haven't been. Although I don't think I would get tired of going there.

Any advice appreciated!

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