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Malaga, Granada, Cordoba

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Malaga is in the itinerary because that is where the airport is.

Herself has a yen to visit Granada and Cordoba, and a special birthday coming up. So I have booked flights (from Dublin) to Malaga in May, returning one week later. That's all that is yet arranged.

Our main interest is in visiting the cities to experience the cultural heritage, and see some of the great buildings of Moorish Spain. So I am leaning away from hiring a car, because a car is often a burden when visiting cities.

Preliminary research suggests to me that we should use buses, and I am thinking of heading from Malaga to Granada on the day of arrival (we should land at 11.00 am). Spend three days in Granada, then travel to Cordoba and spend another three days there. Back to Malaga for one night (might as well have a quick look at the place!) and fly home in the early afternoon.

The questions:
- Do people agree that buses are a good idea for a trip like ours?
- Can people suggest accommodation for us? Criteria: clean, at least moderately comfortable, acceptable neighbourhood, not outrageously expensive, convenient to bus stations, convenient for urban tourism. Even a pointer on location would be helpful.

Other observations would also be welcome.

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