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London/Spain June

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My daughter, 16, would like to participate in a Spanish culture program which lasts for two weeks based in Seville, beginning June 23. As I want to go to London for my 60th birthday and we want to get her to Spain, this is not a school group trip, we plan on flying to London first for 6-8 days and then flying to Seville on June 21, to get her settled, and to stay in Seville for two nights. My dilemmas are many, not least of which are allowing her to fly home to Phoenix, alone, the program will take her to Seville airport to fly to Madrid. She has flown with us to the UK 3 times and is for a 16 year old somewhat self reliant

Here is what I want to do in Spain. The Alhambra and the Prado. Beyond that it is all gravy.

I would like my daughter to see the Alhambra since we are in the South but wonder about flying to Granada from London? Am I right to assume all the UK to Spain cheaper flights come out of Gatwick? I am using my Amex points and must needs book my DH and myself together and then my daughter's flight separate, all open jawed. Usually I book these online myself without the aid of a travel agent, as there is a charge, but I figure I will have to use an agent to make sure we sit together on the Phx to LHR flights. Planning this trip is tiring me.

Itinerary: London to Seville. 6/21 to 6/23: get daughter settled in
Seville to Granada: 2 nights. 6/24 to 6/26.
Granada to Madrid: 4 nights. 6/26, leaving 6/30. Side trip to somewhere, maybe Toledo, more Goyas?
Or better to fly into Granada, have daughter with us to see the Alhambra, go on the 23rd to Seville, stay one night in Seville and the on to Madrid?

I will assume that I will come back to Spain one day, I am a native speaker, though not as fluent as I would like, and it is part of my heritage. It could be possible to perhaps skip London and just travel in Spain until my daughter's program is finished on July 6th and we all could fly back together. All I can say is that I come from a hot state and spending a week in Spain in July is not appealing to me. Perhaps I am wrong and it isn't that hot?

Any help with transport questions, cheap flights to Spain, train or bus between Spanish cites would be helpful.

Thank you.

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