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London: end of a 4 week tour with two teenagers - where to stay?

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We will be winding up our teenagers' first trip to Europe with a stay in London 29 June - 3 July. (We are actually starting in London too, but staying on Eel Pie Island and only coming into London for a couple of day trips.)

We are staying in apartments in Paris, Amsterdam, and Bruges. I am now looking for accommodation in London and need help -- it's so BIG!! Based on what I have read on other threads, what appeals to me is staying near the Piccadilly Line (can't wait to browse F&M!) We would like to stay someplace comfortable and safe. As it's the end of the trip, I can foresee the teenagers wanting to be independent and to not accompany mom & dad on every outing. Therefore, I'd like to be near some interesting/safe for 15 & 18 year old suburbanite teens.


Additionally, we have another 4 days prior to this last stand in London, coming from Amsterdam. I would gratefully accept suggestions for one additional 4 day stay in the UK that don't require a significant amount of travel time. I'm kinda pooped out from all this planning! My wish list is long and our time is short, I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

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