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London buildings wrapped in plastic in May 2012?

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I've stayed at the Strand Palace Hotel in London twice and can never get enough of London. I recently went on Google Earth, street view and traveled along the Strand toward "my" hotel taking an imaginary stroll through London Town. Everything looked normal when I was a couple of buildings away from passing in front of the hotel. Then the view suddenly changed (obviously they stopped there on their first go-round and then came back later and took up where they left off). The date was 5/12, 2 months before the London Olympics. Suddenly the hotel, the building right before it, and the one directly across the street (beside the Savoy Hotel) were all wrapped in plastic from top to bottom. Having just been there in September of 2011, I was really startled to see that. It seemed to be wrapped tightly in the plastic so I couldn't figure out what they could be doing it for. It didn't seem like there was space between the plastic and the buildings for any work to be going on, although obviously there had to be a good reason for it. I'm assuming it was some kind of cosmetic face-lift pre-Olympics. If I remember correctly there was another building closer to Trafalgar Square (but on the opposite side of the street--around Charing Cross) that was wrapped too, when I turned around and started back the other way. Although I may be "mis-remembering" that. Does anyone have any information about this?

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