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Lillehammer-Åndalsnes-Geiranger-Ålesund-Trondheim - Can't do it all

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I'm a 50-yr-old female who visited Norway once with my husband. We saw Oslo, then took train to Flam, overnight, ferry on the fjord and train back to Oslo.

In June I will finish work in Lillehammer on a Wednesday and need to fly to Helsinki on Sunday or so. I therefore need to end up in a town with air connections such as Ålesund, Trondheim, or Oslo. I will be on my own and using public transport to see some more of the beautiful scenery as well as walk and enjoy nature. Just no driving or long hikes solo. I've got to make some tough choices, so I have some questions of those who have been in this region.

Should I stick around in Lillehammer for a half-day with such limited time? I've read mixed reviews. Sounds like a typical ski town. I'm not interested in the olympics. I like the open air museums, but have visited the ones in Oslo, Stockholm, and Helsinki. I have read of a stave church in Ringebu.

I plan to take the train to Dombås and then the Rauma line to Åndalsne. Should I stop here for a half day/night? The setting looks nice on Google Earth, but I've read that it is an industrial town without much to offer.

I'm considering the bus (two daily departures) to Trollstigen and Geiranger. This is another option for stopping for the night. Geiranger better town than Åndalsne?

In Geiranger I can either take a bus up to Flydalsjuvet and Dalsnibba, then back down plus take a 1.5 hr trip on the fjord or else I can make a connection on the Hurtigruten to Ålesund. Another option for an overnight. Has anyone done just this segment on the Hurtigruten? Is a sightseeing tour around Geiranger more scenic than the route out to Ålesund?

It is even possible to do a circular trip in one day Åndalsne-Geiranger-Ålesund-Åndalsne with the buses and boats timed. But is this exhausting? I would only do this if I am ending up in Trondheim instead of Ålesund.

If I want to end in Trondheim, it sounds more scenic to return to Åndalsne and backtrack up the Rauma and train on to Trondheim rather than the bus from Ålesund. Is the train route more scenic than the bus closer to the sea?

I've read on the board that Trondheim is a nice town. If I end here it would just be an overnight and part of a day until afternoon flight to Helsinki.

Any other tips would be welcome. I'm saving my kroners--I remember how expensive Norway was!

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