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Key Tours from New York to Turkey

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Does any one know the reputation or have traveled with the company Keytours to Turkey from New York in the past year? How was this tour group?

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    DISAPPOINTING!! Key Tours/Neon Tours is NOT worth the money, whatever deal you get from them. Here’s the thing, Turkey is a truly phenomenal country and a definite must see. However, I highly recommend NOT seeing it with this tour company. Pay the extra money and go with a Rick Steves tour, or probably ANY other tour. Or do it yourself. Although there were a few good points about the tour, they were far outweighed by the negative ones. My friend and I (both in our mid 30s and frequent international travelers) found ourselves constantly disappointed and frustrated throughout the trip. Most importantly, there was FALSE ADVERTISING. They advertised a price for the tour then after we paid they charged us extra money for our flight. Additionally, on the itinerary they listed that we would see the ruins of Pergamum (tour books say they are the most breathtaking ruins in all of Turkey), when in actuality we did not see the city of Pergamum ruins, but only the ancient medical center which was completely separate from the city and all the way at the bottom of the hill. That is false advertising! And to boot, they did not allow us to see the actual city of Pergamum, even when we volunteered to pay our own way, skip lunch, and find our own way up there.
    The first night we got to the Istanbul hotel there was no information left at the front desk or posted that told us any information. Consequently, we missed the first informational meeting. Additionally, all the hotels were situated far away from the towns, making the towns not easily accessible in the evenings.
    Our tour guide, Onur Yurtbasi, was knowledgeable, however he was generally unhelpful and at times even pretty RUDE. He did not help us at all get into town on our free time. He sometimes provided us with incorrect or incomplete information that kept us from doing desired activities during our free time. He never went above and beyond to help us and sometimes withheld information which led to INCONVENIENT AND UNSAFE situations (e.g. We waited in the dark on the side of the road for a bus that was never going to come).
    The tour also says that breakfasts and dinners are included, which sounds great at first. However, what they don’t tell you is that you will be eating all your lunches at rest stop/gas stations (gross) and all your dinners at the hotels you stay at, even when town are accessible to stop in. The food is very unappetizing, making the culinary experience ANYTHING BUT AUTHENTIC. And when I asked our tour guide, Onur, if we could eat lunches at restaurants in the towns and not in gas stations, he actually had the gall to tell me that there were no restaurants in the towns and that townspeople only eat in their homes. Really? Please!
    Key Tours and their Turkey component, Neon Tours, were INACCESSIBLE to us the entire trip, even when we tried to contact them to discuss matters we were having difficulty with. This is not a company you want to travel with. I wish I would have spent more money to go on a better tour than this one. I advise you to do the same.

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