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Just back from our "babymoon" trip to the Dordogne and Lot and want to give a huge THANKS to the Fodors posters!

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Our trip to the Dordogne was fantastic! Thanks to all who posted trip reports, tips, and answered my questions (Stu Dudley, St Cirq, ekscrunchy, robjames, Carlux, annhig, ira, slass, among many others).

We flew in/out of Toulouse, which could not have been more convenient. Changing planes at CDG was no problem with the 1 hour 45 minute layover we had each way. We had to change 2E to 2F and vice-versa and opted to walk out of the secure area and re-go through Customs and Security, rather than battle with the huge crowds waiting for the navette.

We spend 1 night in Albi, 1 night in Rocamadour, 4 nights in Sarlat and our final night in Toulouse.

We ate, visited steep villages, ate, visited more steep villages, ate, climbed up to visit more villages, shopped, ate, visited castles, ate, and did I mention most villages required climbing? Really, the 5 flights of stairs up to the religious city in Rocamadour (from the main village) was nothing! My husband kept reminding me: "You chose the destination."

We had the pleasure of meeting another Fodorite from this board, "Leely" and her travel companion. Salut Leely! I hope the rest of your trip was good.

My big question was whether to do Font de Gaume or Lascaux II. We intended to do Lascaux II, but due to an inconvenient English tour time (only 11:30 AM), we opted to try to go to Font de Gaume *without* reservations. The wonderful thing about the low season is that we were able to go in 30 minutes after we arrived, without reservations, and it was free.

Being pregnant was a non-issue (except for the constant need to search for a bathroom). I had to content myself with just a sip from my husband's wine, but otherwise, I basically ate everything.

Anyways, thanks a million to everyone!
- Maria Rosa

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