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  1. 1 Trip Report 바카라양방배팅■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■바카라사이트コ바카라사이트
  2. 2 릴게임사이트 ● 연결 :≫≪
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  4. 4 Trip Report 바카라규칙■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■아시안카지노ゴ아시안카지노
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  6. 6 Trip Report 마카오바카라■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■코리아카지노げ코리아카지노
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  8. 8 Choose between Nazare, Portugal or Merida, Spain
  9. 9 Trip Report 바카라가입■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■인터넷바카라ぺ인터넷바카라
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  12. 12 Trip Report 타짜바카라■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■라이브바카라い라이브바카라
  13. 13 Trip Report 코리아바카라사이트■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■온카サ온카
  14. 14 Trip Report m카지노■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■온카지노ィ온카지노
  15. 15 Trip Report 텍사스바카라■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■온라인바카라주소づ온라인바카라주소
  16. 16 Trip Report 우리카지노총판■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■카지노ご카지노
  17. 17 Trip Report 고수바카라게임방법■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■코리아카지노づ코리아카지노
  18. 18 오션파라다이스 ▶ 홈피:≫≪
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  21. 21 윈스바카라【XAX111.CoM】바카라사이트
  22. 22 Trip Report 보라카이바카라■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■인터넷카지노や인터넷카지노
  23. 23 Trip Report 라오스카지노■※■『SKT600.CoM』■※■카지노사이트주소め카지노사이트주소
  24. 24 리더스카지노【XAX111.CoM】카지노사이트
  25. 25 정선바카라【XAX111.CoM】아시안바카라
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Just a few Questions

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I live in Australia and am currently planning a six month working trip to Europe to 8 different countries. I do not need to apply for a Visa as I can apply for a British Passport so I just have a few questions to ask on things which I'm unsure of if people would be willing to help that would be great!

1. For a six month working holiday to Europe do you recommend important essentials (passport, money etc.) are kept/held in a bag or what is your advice for keeping essentials safe as I have heard of pick pocketers and gypsies who steal your belongings so I was wondering what the best advice to keep important essentials safe is

2. How much money do you recommend to take when working and traveling for six months in Europe (not including flight costs)?

3. When traveling on a budget whats the best form of public transport ? Can i buy multi passes instead of one trip?

4. Are there any recommended websites which will help me find available hospitality jobs overseas?

Hopefully someone will be able to help me with some of these questions as it would be great help! thank you

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