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Italy's central lakes!

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We are looking to spend a few days in Italy's central lake region between Florence and Rome. We will have been in San Gimignano beforehand for a week. We have two little kids so we are not interested in museums in churches. We want to visit small towns; walk/hike through the countryside and see wineries, olive groves and maybe lake views; maybe rent bikes if there is a place to ride off of main roads; and visit a castle. Does anyone recommend one of these lake regions over the others - Trasimeno, Bolsena, or Bracciano? We may like to rent a boat or go on a boat trip on the lake but it's not our only interest. Can you swim in all of them?

Is Pitigliano or "the dying city" worth a visit with little kids on the way towards Rome? What about the chocolate factory tour in Perugia (I am leaning towards no on this one)? Are the hot springs too hot to visit in the summer? We will be there in June and will have a car. We will have about 2-3 days to explore so not a ton of time, and kids move slowly!


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