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Italy, Spain and France

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We are four people, two couples, 55 years old, traveling for 21 days through these cities. I have booked all 6 apts, flights, and rental cars, now need to know what not to miss, good restaurants not too expensive, 40-50 euro's pp. Also any tricks to avoid lines, like purchasing ahead, pay for guide, getting their early, etc.

Sat. Day 1 Venice, Arrive by plane at 1 pm, carry on, get water taxi to take us on tour then to our rental apt. Go for walk, have dinner Where?, walk around after dinner head back to apt..

Sunday Day 2 Florence, walk around Venice some more pick up rental car at 11 am, head to rental apt 15 minutes outside Florence on Vineyard.

Monday Day 3 Florence, take train into Florence, walk around, see the two major art galleries at some point during stay.

Tuesday Day 4 Florence, Take train into Florence, walk around visit market, take 2 pm cooking class.

Wed, Day 5 Florence, should we see Pisa on day trip?

Thurs. Day 6 Florence,

Friday Day 7 Rome. Drive to Rome drop off car and head to Apt. other side of the river from train station. Walk around, have dinner.

Sat. Day 8 Rome, head early to St. Peters, on to Coliseum, have time for more

Sun. Day 9 Rome, Trevi, Spanish Steps,

Monday Day 10 Barcelona, fly to Barcelona,

Tuesday Day 11 Barcelona, Thinking of renting car and going to Salvador Dali Museum

Wed. Day 12 Barcelona

Thurs. Day 13 Marbella, fly to Malaga, rent car drive to apt. near Marbella

Friday Day 14 Marbella

Sat. Day 15 Marbella drive to Rondo for day

Sun. Day 16 Marbella

Monday Day 17 Marbella, Granada

Tues. Day 18 Marbella, Rock of Gibraltar? eat fish and chips

Wed. Day 19 Paris, Fly into Paris from Malaga, arrive 2 pm, Apt downtown district 3.

Thursday Day 20 Paris, will want to see Louver, eiffel tower, take water bus, eat, people watch at cafe drinking beer, wine or coffee.

Friday Day 21 Paris

Sat. Day 22 Home fly home from Paris at 2 pm


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