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Istanbul accommodation

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We are a group of 4 adults and three kids (7,5 and 3 months old). We are looking for an apartment in a great location, very clean and well maintained and with a lift or first floor please. Our dates are 18th February to 22nd February. We would usually be happy with a basic well kept apartment. However as it will still be winters we might have to spend a little more time indoors than we usually do and a slightly nicer apartment might work better.

We would ideally want a three bedroom with two proper doubles with king size bed if possible At least in one of the rooms as we co-sleep with our baby.

Given the nature of our group we feel that we would be best accommodated in a 3 bed apartment. However we are not closed to the idea of staying in a hotel if the hotel has a family suite.

We would be happy to spend $250-300/ night for a really good place. The places that seem decent are all apartments listed near galata bridge. I have been looking at websites and can't seem to find proper 3 bedrooms in the sultanhamet area that are available and are nice enough. Also we would like to go to some good meals as my sister and I will babysit for each other on alternate nights.

Could you please suggest which might be the best apartment for us in terms of

- Location- We need easy and quick access to the old city (preferably 10-15 minutes door to door).. Preferably on public transport which is within 5-7 minutes of the apartment. Also taxis should be easily available and shouldn't cost much to get to the old city. We would also like to go to trendy and good places for dinner. So the area should have good restaurants and cafes so that we can get good dinner and breakfast easily.

- Easy access to and from the apartment in terms of lift etc as we have three kids and a buggy to schelp.

- Extremely clean and well kept apartment

- Good views if poosible

This is the list of apartments I have shortlisted:

Based on these criterias can you please help us choose the best apartment for us:

I am sorry about the really long list, however I was not sure about which might be best in terms of location and easy access and also in terms of good restaurants and cafes. Please feel free to suggest. Also any positive or negative comments on the apartment itself would be greatly appreciated.

Given the size and nature of our group I feel that apartment might work best for us. However if you feel that there are hotels that might work for us, we would be happy to explore those as well.

If anyone has any suggestions for us we would be very grateful. It is quite last minute now and I am panicking a bit.

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