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Individual Guided Tours in Iceland

I joined the 2 Day Tour to Jökulsarlon with Extreme Iceland ( and it was an experience I'll never forget.
Everything was well organized and our tour guide Ragnar, who has been travelling around Iceland since he was 3 years old, was absolutely great. He knew a story about every rock and every lava field and showed us the most beautiful insider places, hidden caves and waterfalls.
On our first day we visited the waterfalls Seljalandsfos and Skogarfos and had a beautiful stop at an amazing viewpoint wherefrom we could see the enormous waves of the atlantic ocean and had a great view over the wide black beaches of Vík.
One of the best things was that there was - typical icelandic- no need to hurry. Ragnar waited patiently until the last of us had taken his fotos.
Before we arrived in the evening at our main destination, the Jökulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, we had a stop at the waterfall Foss à Siða and I promise you, this is the most beautiful waterfall I've ever seen. An inconsiderable street led us to this amazing waterfall and there was nobody except us and the black dog that lives on the farm next to the waterfall and wanted to become our friend.
After Ragnar convinced the dog that it would be better for him to stay here, at his farm next to the waterfall ( the dog really tried to climb in the bus), we continued our way and after a few more kilometers we arrived at the glacier lagoon. It was amazing. White iceberg mixed with blue icebergs ( a matter of light reflection as we learned the next day) swimming in an amazing glacier lake. We spend there about half an hour and afterwards we drove to the Guesthouse in Gerði, were we spent the night. The guesthouse was very cute and in the dining room are very big windows that offered a great view to the Atlantic Ocean. We had a really delicious dinner there with our group. We were a really international group: french people, american, german, canadian and of course our icelandic guide. It was great and we had a lot of fun together.
The next day we started very early after a great breakfast and drove again to the Glacier lagoon. Even though this week was the official week of summerbegin there was a great snowstorm. But nevertheless we all decided to do a trip on a boat at the Glacier Lagoon, Jökulsarlon. It was cold, it was wet, but it was amazing and after a while we all forgot about the snow. Seals were showing up and really swimming next to us, between the white and blue icebergs.
When we came back to the coffeeshop were Ragnar was waiting for us, everybody was smiling like a child at Christmas and we enjoyed a hot chocolate.
Then we continued our trip, had amongst others a stop at the largest lava field in Europe and then we finally arrived at the Glacier Svínafelljökull, were we did some glacier hiking. That was an amazing expericience. Ragnar helped us to fix the spikes on our shoes and then the walk began. It's an amazing feeling to hike on an ice-plateau, surrounded only by snow and ice with the greatest formation.
After this very special hiking trip, we all agreed: this was one of the best tours we've all ever joined.

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