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Honeymoon in Italy - Sardinia, Amalfi, Roma

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My fiance and I are planning a trip to Italy in June for our honeymoon - hooray!

We'd like to start in Sardinia, spending a few nights then go to Salerno and spend a few nights on the Amalfi Coast then head up to Rome. We might go to Florence if we have time (I'm negotiating 3 weeks vs 2 weeks with my boss. Our hotels in Sardinia and possibly Rome are covered because of frequent stay points I have but otherwise we need to watch our money a bit.

My questions:
1) How would you travel from Sardinia to Salerno? Ferry, fly?
2) I know the drive along the Amalfi Coast is supposed to be stunning. Would you rent a car while you're there only or rent a car to drive up to Rome.
3) If you don't rent a car to drive to Rome, would you train or fly?
4) I've heard car rentals in Italy are steep because of the insurance. Is this true? Do you need the insurance or does your credit card cover you like in the US?
5) Would you train or drive from Rome to Forence?
6) Recommendations on quaint, romantic honeymoon worthy accommodations in Rome & Florence?

Thanks so much!

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    OK Remark,

    First question - THIS June? You need to plan fast!

    Sardinia, Amalfi Coast, Rome sounds like a nice trip. Why Salerno? Salerno is further south than the actual Amalfi Coast. Salerno is a nice small city with interesting sights nearby (Paestum)- do you specifically want to see some of these, or are you planning on seeing the Amalfi Coast from Salerno? Not the best idea - not the same feel at all and too much bus/boat riding.

    I haven't visited Sardinia yet, but I would think flying on one of the low cost Italian airlines between Sardinia and Naples would be best. Check the flights though because I bet they will connect in Rome along the way.

    Fodorite GAC is our resident expert on Italian public transportation. Put in his screen name and see what comes up. He posts lots of extremely helpful links and info.

    No need for a car on this trip unless you want to get out to the countryside somewhere. You will be required to have insurance regardless of credit card coverage. Autoeurope price quotes include insurance. You will also need to have an International Driver's license.

    No need to drive between Rome and Florence. The train is a quick ride - about 1.5 hours.

    Accomodations are endless, but you are reserving late in the game. Check out You can sort by price, stars, location. It's a good starting point because so many lodgings are listed.

    Read some guidebooks to get some ideas of what you might find intersting and how much time to plan in your destinations.

    Also, get acquainted with the search function here. Sort by country, then put in key words that apply to your questions. You need to spend some time reading other threads and trip reports. It will help you immensely!

    If you end up with only two weeks, I would consider a different, less far-flung itinerary. Maybe, Sardinia, Florence/Tuscan countryside, then Rome. Or choose Amalfi Coast, Rome, Florence. Two weeks is short for Italia!

    Buon viaggio!

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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding. My husband and I honeymooned in Italy in June 2007 and loved every minute. On that trip, we went to Varenna (Lake Como), Venice and Tuscany over the course of two weeks. Most recently, I went with my family and spent 1 week in Sicily, 3 nights in Positano, and 4 nights in Rome.

    Just wondering, why Salerno? I don't know a ton about it, but I mapped it and noticed you'll be further south. Once we were in Positano, we didn't do any driving, so I don't think a car is needed there. We took a boat tour and saw Amalfi and there's buses if you want to day trip to other towns. As we were coming from Sicily (took a quick flight to Naples), we had a driver take us to Pompeii for a half day and then bring us to Positano. That way, he did the scary driving and we just looked out the window!! We then had a driver take us to Rome (about 3 hours). It would be a much longer drive to Florence. Definitely cut something out if you'll only be there 2 weeks.

    By the way, we've always found affordable car rentals online before we got to Italy. My parents were with us this last trip and popped for the driver - not going to lie, it was pretty awesome!

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    YOu will get some better hotel suggestions if you give a price range. I can vouch for this upscale B&B in Florence. The location is prime--right on the city's most beautiful square--and the price is not bad. Take a look at the photos of the rooms--they are all different. Rate includes a lavish breakfast and free snacks, as well as use of the kitchen which is stocked with prosecco and all manner of foods..

    We stayed in the Michelangelo room...the B&B is located within an old private mansion; there are other great rooms, too, including:

    You might also want to include a few days at a Tuscan country hotel. There are dozens upon dozens. My sister stayed here a couple of years ago and came home just raving about how great it was. Looks romantic to me!!

    You would need a car; you could take the train from Rome to the nearest train stop and then rent a car, use it while in the area, and then return it in Florence.

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