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Help with planning a trip to France and Italy with teenagers

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We will be traveling next spring with our youngest two to Europe next Spring, specifically March 26 to April 7. We've decided to visit France and Italy (One of my kids will have had 3 years of French and the other 3 years of Italian.) Right now we're planning on spending the first 5 nights in Paris. Our plan is to do a day trip to Versailles, a day trip to Normandy, and the rest of the time in the city. We then plan on doing a regional airline like EasyJet to Italy. Originally, I was thinking of staying in Rome, and using it like a home base, but now I'm thinking of flying into Naples and using the Sorrento Penninsula as our home base. I like the idea of staying someplace that's less urban. Also, it will be Holy Week in Rome (poor planning on my part) and rediculously crowded. If we stay in Sorrento, I think we would explore the region, Pompeii, maybe Capri, and then catch a train on Easter Sunday back to Rome and spend the last two nights there (we fly out of Rome), so we have one day to see the colosseum and see a few sights (I'm sure museums will be closed since it's la pasquetta). I know we won't see everything, and I'm fine with that. We asked our kids what they wanted to see more than anything and ironically, my son who speaks Italian wants to see the Normandy beaches and my daughter who speaks French wants to see Pompeii.
This possible itinerary seems to make everyone happy. What do you think?

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