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Hamburg vs Berlin

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Can someone help me pick a place to live?

Every German I talk to seems to say how horrible Berlin is to live in: ethnic ghettos, sprawling city, ugly women/too many single men & not enough single women, dirty streets, aggressive, unfriendly people, and high umemployment are the reasons given.

Every non-German I talk to seems to say how wonderful Berlin is to live in: amazing nightlife, huge # of entertainment options, low cost of living, interesting artists/performers/writers/students from all over Germany, and vibrant energy.

Germans say all of East Berlin sucks, that neo-nazis roam the downtown areas, Turkish/Eastern European criminals prey on tourists, and Charlottenburg or Mitte is the place to live for a single person.

Non-Germans say Berlin is the most tolerant liberal city in Germany, I will have no problems, and Prenzlauer Berg in East Berlin is the best place to live in for singles.

What's the truth, and how would Hamburg compare to Berlin?


What exactly is the truth?

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