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Germany Itinerary

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Hello there. I believe this might be my very first thread :) I first found Fodors back in 2013 when I was getting ready for an Ireland trip.

So I am hoping to get to Germany and Northern Austria in a month or so and I can use some help. I know that I should have started planning this trip much sooner but unfortunately I didn't. I look at it like Germany and I should have tried online dating for about a year so that when we finally met, we would already be intimately acquainted.

The main problem I'm having is I find myself not being able to make up my mind on what I want to see and do. The first question is what interests me and I'd have to say scenery. After scenery, I'd say architecture and history.

My rough itinerary is to arrive in Berlin where I would stay for three or four days. I would use this time to make any day trips to surrounding areas like Potsdam. From there I would head South to Stuttgart. I have an online friend that has extended an offer to stay at his place for about a week. I should have just said a friend because now people are wondering if someone is going to try and make me their sex-slave. I suppose if I got weekends off to tour the city...

So in between Berlin, I would pick a place to stay for two days. I was thinking of using Leipzig and seeing Dresden to the East and do some exploring to the West in Saxony-Anhalt. From there I would head Southwest to Stuttgart trying to see a few places in Northern Bavaria along the way. I'm thinking I'll be in Stuttgart for about five days. While there, I'd like to get to Strasbourg as well as pop down into Northern Switzerland.

From Stuttgart, I would head to Bavaria where I would probably base in Munich. I do want to see Neuschwanstein even though I enjoyed the arguments here about it not being a real castle used to defend anything :) I know this may sound audacious but I'd actually like to get down to the Dolomites if possible.

From Bavaria, I would either head South into Tyrol or East to Salzburg. I would like to pick smaller villages for my Austria bases. I also plan on trying to get to two tennis tournaments while I'm in Austria; one in Linz and the other in Vienna.

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me. The main problem I'm having besides not knowing a great deal about the area I'll be visiting is that I just can't decide what not to do. As you guys know, once you start saying you're going to do this or that, you're also saying you're not going to do this and you're not going to do that. That's where I'm having trouble. And I realize that being over ambitious and trying to do too much is a common problem with inexperienced travelers. I also don't want my trip to feel like a big checklist. I don't want to just see things, I want to experience them too.

I hope you guys are able to get an idea of what I'm looking for from my long thread. I'm actually considering just scratching Berlin and middle Germany off the list and flying into Frankfurt and heading South from there. Again, I'm hoping this trip will be for 21 days and I would like to find cheapish lodging. Perhaps more B&Bs than hotels. I've jus cracked open my Austria travel book and I'll be focusing on the Upper Austria, Salzburger Land and Tyrol chapters. In the meantime, can anyone recommend some great villages that would be affordable?

Of course maybe I have not shared enough info, so any questions for me, please ask.

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