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Funny questions over the years on Basque Country and Spain

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I work occassionally as a guide for small groups, mainly Americans and mainly retired or close to retirement. Their knowledge of the Basque Country is, naturally, very limited, and sometimes I´ve had to refrain from laughing at some of the questions I´ve been asked. Some samples below:

1- "I do know that marriages in the Basque Country were always arranged by the parents, but do you still keep this habit? Your marriage was also arranged, young man?" No madam, it was just until we joined the European Union, they prohibited this ancient custom, to our regret.

2- (On a wine tasting experience, when tasting red wine): "Oh my God, mine is not sweet!!, I must have grab the wrong glass

3- (asking for a coffee with milk in a cafeteria in San Sebastián): Do you pasteurize your milk? And on seeing my puzzled face..".Oh, you may not know what "pasteurizing" means, sorry" . And then she explained it to me.

4- "So this is an anchovie, look Diane, it´s actually a FISH!!!, on looking at a spectacular anchovie pintxo with a real anchovie on it (he thought of the anchovies as that weird thing they put on pizzas.

5- Do you pay taxes or is everything government owned and paid?
6- I can pay with US Dollars everywhere, right?
7- Do kids go to school every day? (a very kind lady, I answered "yes, except on weekends, summer and Christmas....)
8- I´d like to see the running of the bulls...Yes sir, but that is in Pamplona and on July and it´s September. Oh, I thought they ran all year round...

And so many others that make this job a very exciting and interesting one. I have to say that 99% are extremely courteous, kind and very interested in all aspects of our culture.

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