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From Salzburg to Lausanne

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Could you please help me find a nice route from Salzburg to Lausanne? We have 4 full days to drive this route (beginning may 17th, arriving may 20th) after our stay in Salzburg

Day 1:
early departure from Salzburg to Innsbruck (2h08 by car) ... we should probably do this segment by train or bus. Maybe breakfast in Innsbruck and a little stroll around, and then stop somewhere in Switzerland to rent the car (which one would be a good Swiss city in the route, to rent the car) and drive to Italy, maybe Verona (a friend's suggestion) Innsbruck - Verona takes 3h

Day 2: Get to know Verona (if it's a good alternative), then head to Lake Como region. We could visit different little towns. Bellagio could be an option. (From Verona to Bellagio, it would be 3h). Como or Bergamo are other options.

Day 3: Maybe go to Lugano (2h) until middday, then head to Luzern (2h). skipping Lugano would get us to Luzerne in 3h36, almost the same

Day 4: Stay at Luzerne until the afternoon, then drive to Lausanne (2h25)

This trip takes around 14 hours in 4 days. If we just drive from Salzburg to Lausanne, it would take around 7h30.
Could you please help us decide the itinerary?

Please, take into consideration that
1) We could just hop on the train from Salzburg to Lausanne, but my husband likes to drive and stop at some nice places / cities (just like we did the Loire Valley itinerary in France or the village hopping in Tuscany, staying 1/2 day to 1 day in each village). However, he doesn't want to be more than 3-4 hours driving in one shot.
2) we have been told that the Lake Como region is really nice, that's why we are adding up hours of driving instead of just taking a straighter route to Lausanne. However, if there is another lake region closer to Lausanne as nice as the Lake Como / Lake Maggiore region (is it the same region), please let us know)
3) After these 4 days, I will have 4 more days in Lausanne, from where I will visit Lausanne, and probably two cities (Geneve and either Bern or Basel)
4) I still need to do some research on Innsbruck and Verona (suggestions from some friends, to see if they are worth stopping by, or if we better find an alternative that is close)
5) In terms of money, it would make more sense to rent a car in Switzerland to avoid high drop-off fees when returning the car in a different country. Which would be a good place to descend from the train and rent the car?
6) We also explored the alternative of going from Salzburg to Munchen, Strasbourg and the Alsace and then Lausanne. We dropped it, because we think we should take more advantage of Switzerland, it is more difficult and expensive to fly from Southamerica to Switzerland than to France or Germany.

We will really appreciate your comments and suggestions.

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