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Final Itinerary, Any Suggestions for Changes?

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I recently acquired a round trip ticket to Paris. A friend of mine had purchased it for a work-stay, but now she can not go, so I bought it from her. I have done a lot of research as this will be my very first solo trip to Europe. I will be there for 6 weeks starting in Paris, and leaving from Paris. Sadly I can't change the ticket, so I do have to return to Europe. Here is my proposed itinerary. After Prague I have really seen all that I really want to... I put Frankfort in there as a way to get back to Paris. Any other suggestions? Discount train tickets? Advice?

Itinerary For Europe
Arrive in Paris at 8:30 a.m. on April 19th
April 19th-Walking Tour of Paris
April 20th-Walking Tour of Paris
April 21st-Day Trip to Versailles
April 22nd Ride Bikes in Paris
April 23rd-Day Trip to Brussels
April 24th - Day trip to Reims
April 25th - Final Day in Paris... have a picnic
April 26th - Ryanair to Rome $40 (5 Nights)
April 27th - Walking Tour of Rome
April 28th - Tour The Vatican
April 29th - Day Trip to Pompeii
April 30th - Eat Lots of Gelato
May 1st - Last Day in Rome
May 2nd - - Train to Florence ( 4 Nights)
May 3rd - See lots of Art
May 4th - Day Trip to Pisa
May 5th - Day Trip to Tuscany farmland either to bike or take cooking class.
May 6th - Final Day in Florence
May 7th - Train to Cinque Terre
May 8th -
Hike from Riomaggiore to Manarola 30 Min
Spend 2 hours in Manarola
Hike from Manarola to Corniglia 1 hour
Lunch and touring Corniglia 2 hours
Hike From Corniglia to Vernazza - 2 hours.
May 9th
Spend morning in Vernazza
Hike from Vernazza to Monteroso al Mare - 2 hours
May 10th - Train to Venice
Get lost wondering aimlessly
May 11th - Tour the 3 main islands
May 12th - Read, photograph, and write
May 13th - Train to Munich
May 14th - Explore and Drink German Beer
May 15th - Day Trip to Neuschwanstein
May 16th - Drink more German beer or Day Trip to Eagles Nest
May 17th - Train to Salzburg
May 18th - Tour Salzburg
May 19th - Train to Vienna
May 20th - Tour Vienna
May 21st - Visit museums of the musical greats.
May 22nd - Train to Prague
May 23rd - Tour Prague
May 24th - Tour Prague
May 25th - Tour Prague
May 26th - Train to Frankfort
May 27th - Tour of Frankfort
May 28th - Train to Paris
May 29th - Relax and remember all the awesome things you've done
May 30th - Plane home.

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