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Ever had a digital camera card fail?

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On return from our Scotland vacation, one of my six 256K compact flash cards could not be read by my camera, my computer, or by any of the photo shops I took it to. Unfortunately, it was the one card that contained pictures we had taken of the queen, but more importantly were the pictures of my wife's chance meeting with Sean Connery. She was devastated to think that all the photos we took at the opening of the new parliament were gone.

I did a google search for "compact flash recovery" and found several software programs that promise to recover lost picture files, even on cards that have been erased or formatted. I downloaded one of the programs and it worked flawlessly. I was able to recover every picture and even some that I had purposely erased were still viewable.

If you think you have a dead card or if you have erased or formatted a card by mistake, don't despair until you have tried one of the recovery software programs. Your travel photos may not be lost after all.

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