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Europe in 20-25 days in the Summer

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Hi, my family and I are planning our very 1st trip to Europe and since we don't know when we'll have a chance to go back we took a while to figure out what each one wants. Budget is an issue and we're aware that during the summer we'll have to sacrifice that a lot more than let's say Soer-Oct but our daughter is 13, starting HS next year so u fortunately that is out of the question.

Our ideal trip would Include Germany for my husband with possibly a trip to Audi/BMW/Mercedes plant. He's not very particular about any cities in Germany. My daughter wants to see Italy; Pisa, Florence, Venice, Rome (I'd dare say my husband would like and even be happier to see Ferrari plant than the others). And for me, I'd like to see France, Paris of course is a must and I'd love to see any city that is more country style, vineyards perhaps.

I'd like to plan this on my own. I got some websites for. Europe that have cheaper flights and trains rides between countries but I'd like tips and opinions on itineraries as well as an hi est account of how hard it was to communicate or navigate there on your own the 1st time. We speak English, Spanish and Portuguese but I've heard that in Oaris and Italy locals tend to be not very helpful or patient with non-speakers. Although to be honest, I've always heard that New Yorkers are rude but every time we travel there we always find very helpful people. I'm a big believer that you get what you put out there. So that's that.

Does anyone recommend renting a car?

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