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Euro Travel Quiz - # 1-A

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Things about travel destinations in Europe in a new quiz format that provides info of touristic interest to folks planning trips who may not know about these places!

1- XXXXXX a charitable movement, was founded in France and although now international, the majority of its outlets continue to be found in France – in most big towns. Started in 1949 by Priest Abbé Pierre, the intention was to help combat poverty and homelessness and that is very much the principle that remains at the heart of this amazing organisation.

What is the name of this dirt-cheap second-hand shop found throughout France, including Paris?

2- ???????? is a town and comune (municipality) of the province of Perugia (region of Umbria) in central Italy. It is perched on a tall two-crested hill overlooking the east bank of the river Tiber, commanding distant views in every direction. In the 1990s, Richard S. Levine, a professor of architecture at the University of Kentucky, chose ??????? as the model sustainable city, because of its scale and its ability to reinvent itself over time. After that, the Italian press reported on ????? as the world's most livable city.
Well in addition to this blurb from Wikipedia ??????? has also become one of the most desirable and expensive towns and areas to live in in Europe - famous folks snatching up villas in the countryside. What is this Umbrian hill town?

3- Debates are raging at Auschwitz, the concentration camp not far from Krakow, Poland, about how to preserve artifacts that were confiscated from inmates upon their arrival - and what to do with the piles of human hair behind glass cases - the hair is naturally decomposing and ultimately will turn to dust - of several possibilities what has been the decision to do with the hair? and the famous Work Sets You Free sign over the main entrance at Auschwitz was also controversial at to what to do with it after it was vandalized a few years back - what was the decision with the Work Sets You Free sign? (Both these questions from a recent NYTimes article on Auschwitz and renovations and problems they posed.)

4- In Vienna if you want to relax at the foot of the Vienna Woods and go to one of the iconic wine houses - the heurigen - you can take a tram right to this suburb?

5- ???????? Castle, nestled in a forest high above the Mosel Valley near Cochem, is one of the rare intact castles on the Mosel or nearby Rhine as most were laid to waste in wars raging in this strategically military area - What is the name of the castle, which you can walk a few miles to from Moselkern's train station or take a cab or shuttle bus there?

6- The stretch of Danube River south of Dresden features red sandstone cliffs topped by fortresses such as the famous Bastei - what is this area called?

7- Where in Italy would you find the Villa Jovus and whose villa was it the retirement villa of?

8- ????????? Palace "The Woods Palace" in ????????, is a symmetrical Dutch Baroque building built between 1684 and 1686 for stadtholder-king William III and Mary II of England. The palace was a residence of the House of Orange-Nassau from the 17th century until the death of Queen Wilhelmina in 1962. The building was renovated between 1976 and 1982. Since 1984, the palace is a state museum open for the general public, showing interiors with original furniture, objects and paintings of the House of Orange-Nassau.
What is the name of the palace and what Dutch city is it in?

9- ??????? Castle is a folly in Bathampton overlooking the city of Bath, England. It is called ????? Castle because it is only an imposing facade with nothing behind it and was only built under orders of Ralph Allen, "to improve the prospect" from Allen's town house in Bath.

What is the (rather appropriate) name of castle?

10 - In the 11th century, two monks from ????????? became hermits on nearby ??????? island. In 1137 Bernard du Bec founded a priory on the island, and it became a place of pilgrimage.
The island subsequently became a fortified one but in the 1600s the fortifications were demolished. The island was purchased by the state in 1933, and was declared a historic monument by a decree of 1936 It became a bird reserve in 1985.

You now hire a guide to take you across the sands - dodging quick sand - to the island on nature trips to observe the birds and also to take in the marvelous view from the island over the bay and ??????????.

What is the name of the island and what nearby landmark did the monks originally come from?

Merci au revoir!

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