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Euro Quiz #44 - Museum Pourri

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1- In Florence there are two famous David statues - one is a copy - where is the real David and where is the copy?

2- This western European city has a branch of St Petersburg's Hermitage - what city is it?

3- Where are the Elgin Marbles and what are they and who demands their return?

4- This city has a Sex Museum, Hash Museum and Torture Museum?

5- What is the name of the museum loaded with Van Goghs in the middle of Hoge Veluwe National Park?

6- This Munich museum devoted to the life and works and absurdities of someone has been called Germany's Charlie Chaplin and his comedic side kick has one of the world's most eclectic works - name the museum (two hypenated last names! ?

7- At the west end of the Tuileries Gardens near the Place de la Concorde in Paris are two small but distinuished museums - one on the south side and one on the northside - what are they?

8- If you want to see Faucault's original pendulum in Paris where would you go? And where can you see an exact copy of it (currently in mothballs I read due to this place's renovations or some reason). Where does the real deal swing and where does the copy ordinarily swing?

9- This famous Paris museum occupies a grandiose former train station?

10 - How many of the 5 top most visited museums in Europe can you name?

11- What are you favorite European museums? (All answers correct here of course) - well I'll turn it over to Percy to adjudicate the winner and award the prize (plus S & H!).

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