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Dog moving to france from Hawaii

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I am in desperate need of clear advice. I am moving to France and the state veterinarian at the USDA here in Hawaii says that my dog doesn't have to wait for the three month titre. He says that after the rabies vaccination he can travel to France after 3 weeks. He says we don't have to wait three months to check the rabies titre. I can't bear the thought of my dog being put in quaruntine if he is wrong. Can anyone confirm what is required in moving a dog from US to France? In the EU 998 it states that countries with low incidence of rabies don't have to wait for the titre, only the vaccine and health certificates are required. The US falls in the category of low incidence of rabies. The EU 998 was written in the early 2000's so I am not sure if this has changed or they have increased regulations. PLEASE HELP!! I need to move in December and don't want to leave my dog behind for 3 months but even more so don't want him in quarantine. Thank you!!

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