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Dalmatian itinerary take 2.

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Thanks everyone for their input on my previous post. based on those conversations, these are the two itineraries I am debating upon. Again, it will be me, my husband and my 9 year old. We have 8 nights. Any comments would be very welcome!

Option one.
We land in Dubrovnic. Go to Orebic and stay there overnight. Then stay in Korcula 5 nights- maybe do one or two day trips (Mljet and Hvar), and then go back for two nights to Dubrovnik and go back home.

Option two
Land in Dubrovnik and drive to Primsten (north of Split). Sleep there and go to Krka National Park (sleep there two nights). Then go to Korcula (which would be a longish trip but probably fun), stay in Korcula four nights (MAYBE one day trip to Mljet), and then back to Dubrovnik for two nights and back home on the 24th.

A third option would be to change our departure from Dubrovnik to Split (if we manage to, tickets have been purchased) and turn the order of the second itinerary to go to Korcula first and end in Primsten/Krka,

Thanks again.

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    Of these, I think option 2 sounds much better. BUT I haven't been to Primsten -- nor have I been to Primošten, which is, perhaps, what you meant? I'm basing my recommendation on the fact that this plan includes the Krka National Park.

    BUT if there is ANY chance that you will experience jet lag, then please DO NOT DRIVE for a day or two after your arrival! One consequence of jet lag is a substantial increase in microsleep episodes, which are so short that you aren't even aware of them, but that are strongly associated with car accidents. And do NOT trust caffeine to solve the problem – caffeine does not eliminate microsleeps. It doesn't matter how long the drive is -- microsleeps can be less than a second and are almost always less than a minute. And it can take just seconds to set an accident in motion -- one in which not only you, but anyone else on the road, could be injured. Research indicates that driving with jet lag is as bad as driving drunk. Please consider your options for using public transportation for at least a day or two!

    BTW, starting new threads is not always a good idea (as it can be very helpful for people to see the advice you have already been given, along with your responses); if you do so, linking to the original thread is always appreciated. I'll do it for you this time. For the OP's original thread, see:

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    Plan 2 with some small changes :-)

    Primosten is the excellent place for your holidays. Small town, they named them self Town-beach - because there is one looong beach all around that area... small picturesque old town is placed on peninsula
    My suggestion is to stay there for few days and enjoy beautiful, blue Adriatic sea
    instead of two nights in Krka NP, I'll suggest you just one night in Plitvice lakes... from Primosten, it is just 2-3 hours of driving, so you will have nice trip there, sleep on some local farm, taste local food (it is completely different area than the coast) and explore the Park next morning. plitvice lakes are the most stunning and most unique place in Croatia... and Plitvice lakes are UNESCO World heritage site.
    Next afternoon, you can drive to Split, leave the car there and take the ferry to Korcula. Stay on Korcula next days. last two nights in Dubrovnik is good idea. Stay somewhere near the Old town or inside the city walls... the crowds are mostly during the day, because of cruisers... So, the best for you is to explore the Old town in the morning 'till 10AM or in the afternoon, after 5:00PM

    don't forgett that August is very hot on the coast and you'll probably prefer to spend more time in the sea... be careful with sun from 11:00 AM 'till 5:00 PM

    enjoy in Croatia

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