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Curret cost of Jungfraujoch Top of Europe?

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During September 17-20 we'll be staying in Lauterbrunnen. In 2000 we visited and rode to the top of the Schilthorn. This trip, weather permiting, we wish to ride to the Jungfraujoch. I am unable to find 2004 pricing for the ride to the top. I know it was US$75 or more per person from articles of a year ago. We'll be purchasing a 3 or 4 day pass on the local Berner Oberland Railway. Are there any discounts for the train to the Jungfraujoch with this pass? Thanks.

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    Hi TwoTravelers,

    Here's a link to the current price list:

    I set it for Lauterbrunnen, but you can set it to depart from elsewhere in the region.

    Here's another link for information on your pass:

    Click on the "for detailed area of validity" to see a great map showing what kind of discounts you get -- you'll get 50% off from Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch.

    Well, that link was for the "Berner Oberland" pass, but there is also a "Jungfrau Railways" pass. Are yo sure you have the BO pass?

    Let me know if I can help further.


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    I always like it when people start throwing pass ideas around and then cite no cost figures to support their assertions. Without some detailed calculations, you have no way of knowing whether a pass will save you money or not. I get the impression that some people think buying a pass of any description automatically results in savings. Not so.

    The cost of a 7 day Regional Pass is 220 chf which includes 3 "free" days to be selected by the holder from within the 7 day validity period. There are various other discounts on the other 4 days that are too complicated to explain here.

    The last section of the Jungfrau trip is never free. Even on a free pass day, the pass holder still pays 50% of the cost from Eigergletscher to the top and return.

    The undiscounted price for a return ticket from the Eigergletscher station to the top is about 90 chf. A pass holder pays half of that, or 45 chf. (I say "about" because the fare table available on Internet does not list a ticket price between Eigergletscher and the Jungfraujoch. I took the Kleine Scheidegg cost to the top and subtracted the Kleine Scheidegg - Eigergletcher cost, i.e. 102 - 12 chf.)

    If you have no pass and originate at Interlaken Ost, the return cost is 168.80 chf. The Good Morning ticket is a little cheaper at 144.80, but the departure from Interlaken ost is at 6:30 and from Lauterbrunnen about 25 minutes later.

    So here is my thinking on these figures.

    Cost of pass = 220 chf
    Cost Eigergletscher to top = 45 chf
    Total = 265 chf
    Less cost Jungfrau trip = -168.80 chf
    Remaining amortizable cost 96.20 chf

    If you find 96.20 chf worth of additional free rides, you have reached the breakeven point where cost = savings.

    Some other illustrative figures include these:
    Grindelwald Grund to the Männlichen crest: 49 chf return
    Grindwlwald to First gondola: 49 chf return

    If taken on a free day, those two trips combined would bring you to the break even point.

    Anything you ride after that is in your favor. Anything less than that is not saving you money.

    The Jungfraubahn pass is 190 chf and it is a free pass for 6 days except for the last stage of the Jungfraujoch trip.
    Again, you pay 50% of the cost from Eigergletscher.

    The main differences between this pass and the Regional Pass are two: the ride from Mürren to the top of the Schilthorn is not included, and this pass offers no discounts on the Swiss national rail system or anything else outside of the immediate Jungfrau area whereas the Berner Oberland Regional Pass has a huge validity area for discounts.

    So you could figure that Jungfraujoch trip with the Jungfrau region pass would cost you 190 chf for the pass plus 45 chf for the Jungfraujoch.
    So the total cost of that trip is
    235 chf. Figuring that the undiscounted trip is 168.80, you would need to find another 66.20 worth of rides to break even. That would be fairly easy to do.

    I am assuming that you have no interest in taking the Schilthorn trip again. If you are, then its cost is 63.80 return from Mürren. You would pay the whole amount with the Jungfrau Region Pass and half with the BOB pass.

    If you are arriving by train, from the border or perhaps the Zürich airport, bear in mind that the Swiss Card offers a free trip from the border or arrival point to your destination and return. AND you get 50% off just about everything else including the Jungfraujoch.

    (There are two rides I have taken where I only got 25% off, but they were short ones.)

    So you must plan fairly accurately before you buy your pass and then you must be able to execute the plan. The weather is a factor because riding up to the Jungfraujoch at those prices only to stare at fog is hardly worth it.

    So consider your cost factors and make your decision.

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    O my gosh, bob_brown,

    I hope you don't think I was making any kind of recommendation or "assertion" here. I saw two straightforward questions here: 1. what is the current price to the Jungfraujoch, and 2. what is the discount with the BO pass. I offered links with simple answers to both. That's all. I don't usually use a pass and don't recommend them -- I usually go with the half fare card.

    I also wanted to be sure the OP knows about the two kinds of passes -- just FYI for TwoTravelers.

    I'm not throwning anything around, no assertions. Nothing. Just simple info to answer a simple q.


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