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Croatia or Greece??

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We are deciding whether to go to Croatia or Greece for a 7-10 day vacation in July. We have been to Greece already but never to Croatia. Your thoughts on which one to visit? This may be the last big trip we take for many years! If we go to Greece, we will most likely stay in 1 island we have never been to (e.g Rhodes) It's hard to decide as we have already been to Greece before and loved it, but have never been to Croatia, so it is something new and exciting. However, after reading reviews, we are concerned that Croatia will be just as overpopulated and touristy as Italy/Greece, and from what I read, Croatia is not nearly nice as Italy/Greece and almost just as expensive in the July season. THOUGHTS??

Here's what we prefer
1. We are traveling with young children so are not going to be hopping from island to island. We will stay put in one place, and may visit 2 places
2. We are not beach people. We may visit beach for 1/2 day only.
3. We like history and art and prefer going to historical sites, rustic villages, or just relaxing in a square (we loved places like Rome, Porto, Crete, Santorini, Sicily
4. We are on a budget and would llike nice and charming affordable apartments (found many of that in Greece and Italy)
5. Eating local food is big for us when we travel, but lean towards vegetarian food (fresh vegetables, beans) Out of all places we visited, we loved the food in Greece, Italy & Japan

Any advise or help will be appreciated!

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    Greece, is a much larger and diverse country, with a much larger variety of destinations, and thats why you still find unspoiled, picturesque places. You can't say you've seen Greece with just one visit. On the other hand, Croatia has fewer destinations, actually its only destination is Dubrovnik, the other cities are day trips. As Croatia is a popular destination, with just one actual destination, there will be -a lot- of tourists, hordes to be specific. And Dubrovnik is not large, you can easily see the whole city in 1-2 days. So 7-10 are more than enough.

    Rhodes in the other hand, is a great destination. The City of Rhodes (the chora, aka capital) is the biggest inhabited medieval city in the European Continent, and the whole city is a UNESCO monument. The City of Rhodes, is a true culture hub, since the Ancient Era. Being between Europe, Asia, and Africa the island was created to be as such. The City was always an important major settlement, in Antiquity it was one of the most powerful city-state of the Hellenic World, it even housed one of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, the Colossus of Rhodes. Even during the Roman occupation, Rhodes prospered, and it was considered one of the greatest Philosophical Centres of the Ancient World, second only to Athens. Julius Caesar himself, as long as Cicero studied at The Rhetoric School of Aeschines, in Rhodes. The Acropolis of Rhodes is an Archaeological site today, it was the heart of Ancient Rhodes and you can still see a part of the Temple of Apollo Pythios, protector of the island, the Stadium of Diagoras in which every year the Rhodians had athletic competitions in honor of the God Helios (The Sun/Apollo) like the Olympics, and a small marble theater, part of the Ancient Rhetoric School of Aeschines. In the Medieval Era, several Byzantine Churches and Basilicas were constructed, and new Walls were added. The Emperor sold the island to the Crusaders of Jerusalem in 1309, and the City was transformed into a major Crusader Base in the East. Walls were added, The Palace was constructed, Hospitals, Churches and a Castle as well. All exist to our day, as when the Ottoman Turks conquered Rhodes in 1522, with Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent himself as the leader of the Army, time stopped. Mosques were constructed, as long as Hamamms and Fountains. When Rhodes was liberated and seized to Greece from Italy, Neoclassical Architecture was added in the City's character. During its long History, minorites lived in Rhodes, the most important being the Jews, which were from the Ancient Era. There is a Jewish Quarter, La Juderia, and in there is the oldest active Synagogue in Greece, Kahal Shalom since 1577, and there also is a Jewish Museum, and Graveyard.

    The Top Attractions in the City of Rhodes are:

    -The Archaeological Museum (Hospital of the Knights)
    -Palace of the Grand Master
    -Kahal Kadosh Shalom Synagogue
    -Mosque of Suleiman
    -Sainte Marie du Bourg Church

    Also visit the town of Lindos, with its own Acropolis, Castle and Medieval Town. The Valley of the Butterflies is also a must, a true Natural Wonder.

    Now you can do day Trips to Symi, Chalke, or Megisti. All of them are gorgeous.

    Google to see pictures! :)

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    I am partial to Croatia. We went last year and loved it! But we are into beaches and relaxing and were not traveling with our kids. Although I did notice when I was there that there were a lot of European families traveling with their young kids which was inspiring to me. I don't have an opinion on Greece yet but we are heading there next month.

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