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Countdown: 40 days to fine tune our 19 day itinerary - Segment 2: Venice

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T-minus 40 days!!!

DH and I are headed to Italy for the first time for 19 days (including travel, so 17 nights total). We leave in just over a month, and I think we finally have everything sorted out. At this point, we're pleased with the number of nights in each city, accommodations and some MINI Fares are booked so I'm not looking back.

This is segment 2 of 6. I realize from searching other posts that it would be easier to follow if I have separate posts for each city (and I tend to be quite wordy, I'm sorry in advance :) ). This post will focus on getting to Italy and our 2 nights in Venice.

I think I've pretty much organized our daily itineraries, but that is the area where I'm looking for the advice and comments for the wise Fodorites :)

And yes, I know that no matter what I do there will be days that don't go according to my plan. That's perfectly fine, I can handle that. I just like to be planned and organized because IME its been easier to get back on track when things go wrong, or when we decide to deviate from "the plan".

Also, any dining recommendations are welcome, and wanted, as well. DH and I enjoy all types of food (I dislike the term, but I suppose we're foodies), but we like to try to find food that is authentic to the areas we're in.

FYI, I'm using the Frommer's guide, 24 Great Walks in Venice for this part of our trip. You'll see I refer to walk numbers, but I realize that they won't mean anything to most of you - its just easier for me. We wanted a looser itinerary and didn't want to have to many places we "had" to see in Venice, but wanted more to get a feel of the city. I think walking tours were a better way to go for us here, because we can stop when something interests us, or change direction whenever we want.

Ok, here we go:

May 16th:
Train from Milan Central arrives at Venice St. Lucia 9:22 am
Vaporetto to Accademia stop - Walk to B&B Dorsoduro 461

Frommer's Walk 2
Piazza San Marco
Basilica di San Marco (incl. Museum, Treasury, Pala d'oro)
Campanile (Bell Tower)
Palazzo Ducale

Return to Dorsoduro - settle into room
Vaporetto Grand Canal Cruise (from Rick Steves 2011)
Wander around Castello before dinner

May 17th
Rialto Market
Frommer's Walk 24
Walk along Strada Nova, past Ca' d'Oro to Campo San Marcuola
Frommer's Walk 5
Jewish Ghetto
Wander around San Polo
Wander around Dosoduro

May 18th
Train to Florence

Sometime during our walking and wandering we want to pick up a decorative mask and maybe some glass jewelry. I have a few ideas of where to go from searching past threads, but I would love to hear your recommendations for where to go as well.

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