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Christmas in Rome , New Years in Venice

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Hi, our family my husband & 2 teenage daughters will be travelling to Italy over the Christmas holiday season ,we will spend 5 nights in Rome, 2 in Florence & 3 in Venice.
I have been looking at all the wonderful posts on here & have been getting some wonderful information. I am having a hard time though in finding restaurants for both Christmas Day in Rome & New Years Eve in Venice. We dont want anything too fancy, but we are all foodies and enjoy great meals . Anyone have any recommendations on that or anything that we have to do or see especially at this wonderful time of the year ? We have already sent our request for tickets for the Christmas Eve Mass , crossing our fingers :)
Any info you would like to share would be greatly appreciated, this is our first trip to Italy and we are all very excited !!!!

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    We've been to Rome over Christmas and you will indeed find restaurants open on 24th through 26th but it will take a bit of effort. Best bet is to email your hotel to ask them what they can book for you. But otherwise as long as you are willing to wander you'll find that some smaller restaurants will be open. I don't know what part of town you're staying in but most likely the restaurants in the Jewish Ghetto will be open. Consider Taverna degli Amici there. Also we went to La Zucca Gialla on Via Governo Vecchio (near Piazza Navona) one of those evenings for dinner. And we had lunch on Christmas day at Da Gildo, a tiny homey restaurant on a side street in Trastevere. Very family run, barely speak any English but you can communicate enough. The pasta is all fresh home-made and totally delish. It’s on Via della Scala. Try the Pasta Cacio et Pepe, extraordinarily simple and simply delicious. It’s a pretty small place so reservations would help.
    Not sure any of the following are open on Xmas but here are some of our other faves in Rome:
    Matricianella - Both the pasta with truffles and the bucatini amatriciana were amazing. Should really make a reservation. We went for a lazy lunch one day. It was packed so they seemed to be telling us to go away but we asked to be put on the list anyway. We waited outside for a while but boy was the wait worth it. It’s not far from the Parliament or far from the shopping streets off Via del Corso/Condotti area. It’s on the Parliament/Pantheon side of Via del Corso below Via Condotti, near Via Leoncino.
    Il Bacaro: This was probably my favorite of the nicer restaurants we went to. Still not expensive but more than the others here. Great food, charming atmosphere. Cozy, charming place on this tiny alley/side street just past Navona. You must make reservations for dinner. 06-6864110 and the address is via degli spagnoli, 27.

    Here are a Few Other SPECIAL NOTES FOR ROME during Christmas Holidays:
    On Dec 24, a lot of the stores are open and you will find people shopping but not anything like Americans shop for Christmas. At most people will buy a few small things or be picking up special food or treats for dinner. It was charming walking around the shopping areas that afternoon.
    Christmas week is the high season for Italian tourism. It was jam packed with Italian families.
    Nearly everything was closed on Dec 26! We went to the Borghese Gallery that day, and it was terrific, but once we left there the 3 restaurants I'd noted for lunch nearby were closed, churches were closed and even most shops.
    A variety concerts (many of which are free) are held in some of Rome's most beautiful churches throughout the holidays. Not all are advertised online. The tourist information booth across from the Coliseum will have a variety of flyers and brochures.
    Piazza Navona has Christmas markets in December but we didn’t really find it that interesting.

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