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Christmas in Greece and Italy-need ideas!

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I'm spending two weeks in Greece and Italy from Christmas to early January with my husband and kids (two teens and a 21 year old). I'm looking for ideas on ways to make it merry and homey for all of us while also visiting must-see sites in both countries. We'll be in Greece for Christmas itself, then going to Italy for 8 days. we'd rather not be constantly on the move, but we want to balance that with experiencing some of the major highlights of both countries. Any and all tips will be appreciated!

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    Not all people including teens and 21 y.o.s have same interests. "Must-sees" vary from person to person.
    I can comment based on logistics issues for a start...I think in Greece you have to stick with mainland and/or very large islands. I can't comment about Italy. There are some options connecting west Greece with Italy on a long ferry ride in winter, but most likely you'll decide it is more convenient to fly from Athens or maybe Thessaloniki (?). Assuming you have arrival day+6 full days+departure day in Greece, you could always simply stick to Athens or maybe devide your days among Athens +1 or at most 2 other places... Answer on this lies on your interests. Also, are you willig to hire a car or you look on public transport? Very common places for first time visitors to Greece that team up well with Athens is Nafplion and surroundings, Delphi (+Meteora) and possibly day trips to Aegina or Hydra if weather co-operates... Note that 25th + 26th December and 1rst January are bank holidays in Greece, so museums, archeological sites etc will be closed on those dates.

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