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Choosing an apartment for a week on Lake Como

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I've been trying to finalise my plans for the Como leg of our trip and have narrowed down my options to 6 apartments for the week 12-19 May 2012. All look great and I'm sure it won't really matter which one we choose. I've read (and previously asked) about the pros and cons of the different villages (Western shore versus Eastern etc) and still can't really decide which is best for us. We won't have a car. We want to get around the lake by ferry and visit the various villages, villas and do some walking-hiking up behind the villages to enjoy the views. We will want to dine out for some evening meals, do some cooking, have some lunches at places on the lake, have picnics (weather permitting - it is all mostly weather permitting so not sure what we'll do if it rains the whole time), just soak up the scenery really and relax after 2 weeks in Tuscany and 1 week in Venice. Here are the links to the apartments I'm considering - only village I haven't got an option for is Varenna (just didn't find anything I particularly liked - but we can easily visit this village). I'm not sure how often ferries run from the smaller places on my list (Lenno, Lezzeno and Nesso) - if anyone has any knowledge in relation to this issue I'd appreciate input. The Nesso apartment has lake views which I like the idea of but there seems to be a busy road running through this Village. Same applies to Lenno apartment but which it seems has a terrace that provides direct access down to the lake so it must be in front of the road. Here's the list if anyone has time or inclination to look at the apartments and give me their opinion. I'm going to finalise Como very soon (I'm not getting any of my work done while I'm planning this trip! - but I am having fun).

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