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cell phone in Portugal and Spain

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We will be traveling to Portugal and Spain this summer, and I'm looking for a reasonable way to call back to the U.S. I have an unlocked quad band GSM cell phone.

I'm thinking that my best option would be to purchase a SIM card and use it with that phone, but I'm not sure of the best way to acquire the card, nor what type to get. I looked around the Internet and haven't found anything that explains in plain English the best way to do this.

Should I order one over the Internet and have it mailed to me before I leave? Should I buy one when I arrive in Europe? The trip will be for 12 days, but only 2 of those days will be in Spain, so maybe a Portuguese SIM will do, and I will pay roaming charges when I'm in Spain.

Any help here would be appreciated! Thanks.

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