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Car rental in Bulgaria

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Seeing how little there is on Bulgaria on this forum I'm not hopeful of getting a reply, but does anyone here have direct personal experience of renting a car in Bulgaria? I'm not looking for travel advice or general observations on driving, but for recommendation of a local rental company with decent local prices.

It's the usual thing: the big internationally known names are absurdly expensive, and it's always cheaper to use a local company wherever you are. Usually I'd be happy to just hop off a plane and see what I could find, but because I'll have a small child and an infant with me, I'd like to have a car booked in advance and waiting at the airport.

As usual, there are a number of companies advertising on the Internet, and with similar prices (€26-28 for a Renault Clio, for instance). But who is reliable? Whose vehicles are new and well-maintained?

If this posting looks familiar it's because I was originally going to Romania. But that's been cancelled, and now it's Bulgaria, unless I decide to cross the border (probably by train rather than car, to avoid problems with the rental company) and do a week in each.

But can anyone speak of a Bulgarian car rental company from experience?

With thanks,

Peter N-H

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