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Calling all eagle-eyed young-brained readers of Italy trip reports...

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It's hell getting old. And I realize these are about as longshot as longshots get, but...

Years ago (2007? 2009?) I read a trip report here of a frequent Italian traveler. I was thinking it was MonicaPileggi. Then I thought maybe ekscrunchy. Now I'm just lost. :(

This trip report had a passage on a lunch that was consumed, I believe in Montepulciano. It described an outdoor terrace that looked out over the Tuscan countryside. The food sounded fabulous. I think the restaurant might have been attached to a winery.

If this rings a bell with anyone...

Second, more recent. Maybe in the last year (and I have absolutely NO idea why I didn't save this link!), possibly Montepulciano also, maybe Montalcino. Someone wanted to go to a highly-recommended place for lunch (I want to say this was a female poster who was traveling with her adult son.). The recommended place was closed and they ended up across the street. (They had a private guide who was driving them, I'm pretty sure.)

Whatever the place was "across the street" sounded fabulous and I believe they had an antipasti platter or maybe a cheese platter.

I know...I know. These could probably be two of any 400 trip reports. But if these made an impression on me, who knows, maybe some Fodorite remembers more detail than I. Really, Fodorites never cease to amaze me!

Anyway, if you even think the trip report might be the one I'm talking about, please post the link.

Thanks, all!!!

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