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Apartment location in Nice

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Hi all, thanks in advance for your help! We are looking into going to Nice later this year (early winter - probably December) for about a week, and would appreciate your advice on some apartments and neighborhoods. We’d like a good location for trains and buses, but also a nice general ambiance in the area, good restaurants, and safety if walking home alone late.

We stayed in Vallauris in 2010 and drove around Nice but not into it, and are thinking that this time we’d like to see more of Nice itself, plus some of the museums nearby. On that trip we loved the Villa Epphrussi de Rothschild, Villa Kerylos, Antibes, and the village of St-Paul-de-Vence. This time there will be three of us: my husband and I (middle 60s, walk a lot regularly so look forward to that) and our adult son, and we’re not renting a car. From the weather history there will probably be some rain. We love museums, gardens and good food. I’m looking at traveling to SPdeV, Menton, maybe Biot, Nice, maybe back to Antibes. Would love to see Eze, too, looks like some gardens and a beautiful town up there.

The first apartment is located West of Ave Jean Medicin and Victor Hugo. I’ve written to see if they have WIFI, we do need that for sure. This is my number one choice at this point.

The next one is over near the rue Gambetta and Blvd Victor Hugo.

Last one is on rue Pastorelli and rue Foncet; some reviewers said the sirens from the nearby hospital were loud.

Thanks for your help!

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