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Advantages and Disadvantages of Visiting Turkey At This Time

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Travelers to Turkey within the next few weeks or months should review following facts and ask any questions they wish :

Fact 1. Turkish lira has depreciated by about 10% over the last few months.
Fact 2. There has been a reduction in the number of incoming tourists, resulting in lower lodging prices.
Fact 3. Major hotel chains have been opening new property all over Turkey, making point redemption stays easier.
Fact 3. Local flights are cheap and good.
Fact 4 : Inter-city public bus service is good cheap and frequent
Fact 5. There are reasonably frequent minibus services to small towns and villages from larger cities.
Fact 6 Turkish cuisine caters to veggies as well as meat lovers and budget restaurants abound although gourmet restaurants are few.

Fact 7. The Turkish Government considers students, writers, reporters, journalists, opposition politicians, foreign politicians, international and local intellectuals and artists as threats.
Fact 8. The Turkish security and legal systems serve the government rather than the individual.
Fact 9. There is no real understanding of democracy (they only know of the ballot box), human rights (their rights only), or freedom of opinion and expression.
Fact 10. This government is interested in following the United States created tenets of "Moderate Islam" whic has caused havoc in most parts of North Africa and the Middle East.
Fact 11. "The government seems to be under the impression that the United States is aiding them to establish the Ottoman Empire again. Based on that belief and having been shown multiple times as the only country with "moderate islam" and "democracy" for other Islamic countries to emulate, they think that they are special.
Fact 12. This has resulted in Turkey making enemies of almost all of its Southern, Eastern and Northern neighbors, except for Georgia and Bulgaria.

Fact 13. As a result of the last three facts above, the people of Turkey and visitors are under possible threat from neighbors or terrorists commissioned by these neighbors with whom the country has over one thousand miles of land borders, most of which is impossible to fully patrol.

Fact 14. In the last two weeks, seven large groups of smugglers ranging from 600 to 4000 strong, some on foot, some on horseback and some on vehicles, have been repulsed by the armed forces at various points on the 560 mile Syrian border. This probably means that other groups may not have been seen and may have sneaked throuhgh, especially those in smaller numbers.

In view of the above :

- Cost of traveling to and inside Turkey has reduced.

- There are no real internal risks to any specific peoples, nationalities, beliefs, etc.

- Risks because of external threats have increased.

- Risks in Southeastern Turkey are high and Eastern Turkey are also increasing.

- Standard tourist destinations, Western Mediterranean, Cappadocia, Istanbul are fine

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