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5 nights in Puglia - would love your help!

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Hi everyone,

Seeing quite a few Italy experts in the forum I wanted to ask for recommendations on an itinerary. My husband and I will be visiting Puglia for 5 nights in early October before we head off to see family and spend a week in the Alps. Just wanted a little sea time to balance off the mountains even though it may not be swimming weather. And of course, the food!

We plan on flying into Bari and renting a car from there. We'd like to maybe spend a night in Matera before heading South to see Lecce and visit some seaside towns. After doing some research it seems like we should definitely try and stop by Galipolli, Otranto, Polignano a Mare... are there other towns should we absolutely visit? Where's a good central location to use as home base? I found a masseria I love in Manduria, but it seems a bit farther away from the places we'd like to go.

We're in our early thirties and have done our fair share of "touristy" Italy -- Florence, Rome, Milan, Amalfi Coast, etc. -- we are really excited to see this part of the country.


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