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15-days in Turkey with 15-month old, Istanbul and..?

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To be honest I am sure if I spend long enough sifting through this forum I can evantually get my answer but so far it has left me with more questions, hence this request for help.

I am travelling to Istanbul for a 15-day trip at the end of April with my wife, 15-month baby and my 70 yr old mother. We have decided to spend 6 days in Istanbul and the rest we need to determine.

Neither of us are particularly fond of beaches but would not mind some time at a good one, I am sure my baby would really love it. Historical sites are definitely of interest to all of us as well. Neither of us is in great physical condition so only mild hiking would be appropriate.

Some options:
1) Initial plan was to fly/ferry to Izmir, then on a rental car to pamukkale - antalya - konya - cappadocia staying two nights each and then fly back to Istanbul. Would this be advisable given the above info?

2) Currently thinking ferry to Izmir, rent a car and stay in Kusadasi and make day trips to Euphesis and Pamukkale. Then ferry back to Istanbul.

3) A completely different option is to fly to Trabzon from Istanbul...explore that area... fly back to Istanbul

As you can see, I'm completely confused and all over the place. I read things like children under 10 not allowed in Dervish shows etc. and start to doubt whether going to a particular place will be worth it...

So any help would be immensely appreciated!

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