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12-15 Day European Tour Help PLEASEEE!!!

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Appreciate a lot your opinion and taking your time to read this and hopefully even giving us a hand by replying back which I will be waiting eagerly a lot.

Me (22) and my girlfriend (21) are looking to go onto a euro trip but can't really agree on what places to visit. So basically I came to you guys who are mostly experts in such subject. We are more or less wanting to mix up the holiday a little bit. Meaning, we are looking for beautiful scenarios but also looking to have a good time like nightlife, good restaurants and also sport activities like skiing ect ect. We will be travelling with my car which is a problem since we live on an island and also taking with us is our camp and camping accessories.
We are from Malta which doesn't help at all since its an Island and we have extra expenses plus extra travelling then some of you guys out there. We will most probably catch a ferry from Malta to Genoa/Livorno/Salerno if possible. Preferably Genoa but it seems that non of the company's do that kind of trip even though it use to happen.

So 1st question would be, Does any one know if there are boat trips from Malta to Genoa or any where close to that zone? I'm guessing no but we are truly hoping for a YES :) If sooo please let me know asap.

Since the first question might be impossible for you to answer and I don't blame you guys since you never been in such problem. Here in Malta things are even harder since we have limited things to other countries.

2nd question- If we had to somehow manage to get to Genoa or say Milan or Turin some where close to there How would you plan your 12-15 day trip?

Maybe someone can mention a place or two that might have caught his attention when visiting. I can reassure you that your opinion wont be ignored yet I will do my best and experience it myself.

Places that we want to visit most are Switzerland, France, Belgium and the furthest we want to go, Amsterdam, which both me and my girlfriend are looking forward to see.

Thanks for reading. hope I didn't forget anything in particular. Looking forward to getting back and reading your opinions :)

Karl & Janice

P.S Date of trip would be end of May beginning of June

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