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1 week in Switzerland with 18 year old son

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Mom and 18 year old will be together for one week in Switzerland for the tail end of a family trip (sending dad home early!). He wants to see the Matterhorn and do some hiking in the Alps.
I think I might have a plan but I need to see if it is reasonable or…I should be "talked off the cliff" and not do so much.

Day 1-travel from Milan to Zermatt. (Glacier Express or regular SBB train?)
Day 2-travel to Murren/Wengen/Grimmelwald. I need to figure out where to stay-any ideas? Probably stay there 3-4 nights.
Day 5-to to Bern for a day
Day 6-7-Luzern and then Zurich airport-home.
My questions are-are we biting off too much?
4 nights too much in Murren/Wengen/Grimmelwald? We are not big shoppers and don't need the lure of stores to convince us to stay somewhere!
Good hikes to do there-hikes to avoid?
Our hotel needs are not too fancy-very basic or B & B are just fine.
Ideas on where to stay in Luzern?
I will probably buy the half fare ticket-as is will help save $.
I was hoping to avoid the Matterhorn but the 18 year old wants to see it…so we will put it on the list.
Thanks for any help/advice/re-routing

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