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Take my daughter on a one week cruise in March

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I am looking for cruise recommendations for a warm location. Caribbean?
- travel between late February and end of March
- Two people, adult male and my adult daughter
- ship must be handicapped accessible for my daughter
- trip should take about 6-7 days
- itinerary should include 2 or more ports for her to explore

The trip objective is to give my homebound daughter a break from winter in Maine. Neither of us have ever been on a cruise - unless the Staten Island ferry counts - and haven’t a clue where to begin our search.We are not looking for a luxury cruise, just some activities on board, good food, and hopefully some warm weather.

Sadly we are in need of a primer on how to go about planning this trip. What cruise lines do we consider? How does one hunt down bargains. What to avoid and what to look for. Are package deals available including airfare and transportation? Is it necessary to go through a travel agent like AAA?

Thank you for any and all assistance you can provide.


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